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Conflict Resolution Workshops are an opportunity for your organisation to acquire the skills to manage conflict effectively.

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Mediation is a proven tool for success when resolving disputes in the workplace.

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Conflict Coaching

Sometimes we all need a little bit of extra support when dealing with hard issues.

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Wherever there are relationships, conflicts arise and can either be a motivator for change or become a weight that holds us down. At Otniel Consultants we believe that good conflict resolution makes good business sense saving money, time, and effort.

We focus on providing mediation services and conflict resolution training to your business or organisation, to hand to you the tools to improve communication and manage conflict effectively.

the power
of conflict.

Conflict is present in all workplaces as a natural element where relationships are formed. It happens even in the most co-operative of workplaces, which is why learning how to manage it is so important.

At Otniel Consultants we are committed to transforming potentially negative and time consuming conflicts to positive experiences to enhance your company.

Unearth Opportunity

When conflict is managed well, it can be of great benefit to a company because it encourages people to think creatively and bring their ideas to the table.

If ideas are stifled due to a reluctance to create a conflict, a company or organisation can miss out on untapped talent.

Enhance Performance

We believe that effective communication skills can enhance performance at all levels of your business.

Nurtures Innovation

Even though conflict can be difficult it is in fact necessary to create an innovative and forward looking organisation.

Saves Money

Investing in your people by providing communication skills and conflict resolution tools will show returns in terms of the productivity of your employees, their communication and collaborative skills and their conflict resolution skills. These all add up to money saved for your business together with increased output for your company or organisation.

Where to


Manager to employee conflicts can take all manner of guises. Creating a smooth, respectful and sustainable relationship is key to a productive workplace. When this relationship goes off track this can negatively impact all areas of the business including staff morale, productivity, low staff retention and potentially costly litigation.


Loss of productivity and a negative work atmosphere make co-worker disputes one of the most common conflicts that managers have to deal with. Many times the co-workers are not eager to share all details with their immediate manager which is why an independent consultant can be so helpful in these circumstances.

Work team conflicts

Working as a team can be inspiring and creative but where collaboration breaks down and conflict, precious time and energy is wasted and can prevent a team from achieving their goals.

Inter-departmental disputes

If an organisation can be compared to a huge machine, departments are the cogs that keep the machine working. Resource allocation can be a flash point for disputes where departments are not in sync with each other. Aligning departments with their various needs can make an organisation work more effectively.

Business to business

An organisation that anticipate and deal with disputes that may arise within its sphere of business will retain an edge over its competitors and will stand out in the marketplace. Whether between suppliers or buyers, marketing firms or any agents connected with the business understanding your partners should be an integral part of your business plan.

Business to client

Understanding clients’ needs is at the heart of most organisations. When conflicts arise there is a need to identify the source and satisfy the client, without damaging the organisation’s interests. Dealing with client conflicts effectively can improve both client retention and attract new clients.

What is
best for us?

  • Conflict workshops are for those who want to equip their team with better conflict skills so that they can work more harmoniously with each other and use conflict creatively to enhance their business rather than harm it.
  • Where there is a dispute in the workplace that needs resolving, whether it is between co-workers, management and staff, or an issue that keeps recurring, mediation can assist. Mediation has had a proven track record of success in workplace conflicts.
  • Whether you feel your skills to deal with conflict need strengthening or you have a specific issue you would like to deal with sensitively, then conflict coaching is for you. Coaching can help you have the confidence to deal with the hard issues that you encounter.